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Colours to Suit All Tastes

Transform Your Home with a Wide Range of Colours and Finishes.

Creating the perfect colour scheme for your home doesn’t have to stop at the interior - PVC windows no longer have to be just white with an extensive range of coloured windows now available

If you like the look of traditional painted windows but would also like to have all of the benefits that a PVC window has to offer then our coloured, wood grained finishes are the ideal choice.

We offer a range of standard laminate options – Mahogany, Golden Oak and Rosewood wood grain for a natural look. There is also a choice of 25 non-standard laminate options available by special order including Anthracite Grey, Cream, Black, White Ash and the recently introduced Irish Oak option.

The options available can help you transform your home whether you prefer relaxing pastel greens and creams or more vibrant reds and blues, there is a colour and finish that can enhance your property.

As well as having the coloured finish on the outside, you can now compliment your interior by choosing white or another colour to match your décor on the inside, for example Black wood grain outside with a cream finish on the inside.

Efficiency Styles