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Window & Door Styles for All Properties

Traditional Sash Windows, Sleek Casement Windows and a Wide Range of Door Styles

Casement windows, vertical sliding sashes, French windows and doors, ‘tilt and turn’ windows, bays  or bows - Whatever style suits you best, Chosen View can provide.

Choose a window style which will enhance both the look and the value of your home. Why not  consider adding authentic touches to your windows to ensure they are in keeping with your property such as features like Georgian bars and sash horns.

The standard casement window is available in both chamfered finish or sculptured design for simple or elegant looks  and are designed to meet the highest standards in insulation and security. All windows and doors comply with the British Standards for Security (BS7950)  and the highest standard of weather performance (BS7412).

The REHAU Heritage Vertical Sliding Windows are the most authentic-looking uPVC sash windows available on the UK market and are designed with all the traditional detailing found in period sash windows.

Superbly engineered and of exceptional quality, Heritage windows will add real style to your home, without sacrificing performance, maintaining all the benefits of safety & security, low maintenance and energy efficiency (Heritage Sliding Windows can achieve an A rating – the highest possible Window Energy Rating)





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